How do I connect My Synergy Pro to my phone?

See instructional videos below:

Turn the device on by pressing the button for 2 seconds, light will turn on and you will hear a short beep.

Blue light should be flashing fast and you can now search for the device (Synergy Pro35, 50 or65) in your phone's bluetooth settings. 

Connect on your phone by pressing the model number and enter the code from the instruction manual - standard code is either 1 2 3 4 or 5 6 3 8

You are now ready to play your favorite tunes.

Please see below video for further instructions:

 How do I connect Multiple speakers?

  1. Turn on 1 Nordic Light Pro or 1 Synergy Pro which you would like it to be the "master".
  2. Please make a note on the Kooduu speaker you dedicate to be the "master."
  3. After you’ve turned it on, the blue light will blink fast. This means it’s open to connect with your phone/tablet and NOT for Synergy’s or Nordic Lights.
  4. Press the on/off button twice. Now the light is blinking slowly. This means you’ve made it the master unit.
  5. When the blue blight is blinking slowly it’s open to connect with Synergy Pro, but NOT with your phone/tablet.
  6. Turn on a Synergy or Nordic Light which you would like to have connected with the master.
  7. You’ll now hear a ‘turn on’ sound.
  8. Press the on/off button once. Now there should be NO light blinking.
  9. This means it’s in followers mode and it’s searching for the master unit.
  10. Within a few seconds you’ll hear a short ‘bleep’ sound. This means it is connected to the master.
  11. Step 3 and 4 can be repeated as many times as you want to connect as many units as you want (as ,long as they remain within 180 feet of the master).
  12. Important:After you’ve added all your products you have to press the on/off button on the MASTER twice.
  13. The master will now switch from blinking slow to blinking fast.
  14. As mentioned earlier, blinking fast means that it’s open to connect with your phone/tablet.
  15. Open Bluetooth settings on your phone/tablet and connect with the master.
  16. Fill in the password: 1234
  17. Now it’s connected and you can play your music

Please also check the below instructional video on how to connect multiple devices


Why won't my Synergy pro connect?

Have you disconnected other devices, Synergy pro does not allow hijacking, so if one device is currently connected to your Synergy pro, you need to disconnect this device before you can use a new one.

If the above is not the problem, try to reset your Synergy Pro, by turning it off and then holding down the power button for 10 seconds. Synergy Pro should then turn off and on again and hereby be reset.

What is the bluetooth range of my Synergy Pro?

The bluettoh range is about 30 feet, unobstructed, when objects or people get in-between the source (your phone) and the Synergy pro, the range is shortened.

If you connect several Synergy pros, the above is still true for the master unit, however all the follower units will connect to the master via radio frequency, which has a longer range (180 feet)n than bluetooth. It is therefore important that the source stays close to the master unit.

What are the dimensions of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: 9.44″ (Ø) X 16.22″ (H)
Synergy Pro 50: 12.48″ (Ø) X 22.16″ (H)
Synergy Pro 65: 16.14″ (Ø) X 28″ (H)

What is the Synergy made of?
The body of the Synergy is made of plastic, it has aluminium accessories and the handle is made of leather.

What is the weight of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: lbs 3.41
Synergy Pro 50: lbs 5.84
Synergy Pro 65: lbs 9.36

What type of battery is inside the Synergy?
Li lon (mAh 2600 for Pro35 and 50, mAh 3000 for Pro65)

When will my order be delivered?
You should receive your products within 5 days of placing the order. Once. we receive your order, we will send you a confirmation along with a tracking #

What should I do with a defect product?
Please press the following link and fill out the return form: us.kooduu.com › return-policy

What is the price of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: $139.-
Synergy Pro 50: $189.-
Synergy Pro 65: $249.-

What is the Kelvin value of the LED lamp in the Synergy?
2700 K

What is the charging time of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: 5 hours
Synergy Pro 50: 5 hours
Synergy Pro 65: 6 hours

What is the playtime of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: Up to 9 hours
Synergy Pro 50: Up to 9 hours
Synergy Pro 65: Up to 9 hours

I have a question that is not in the FAQ list, who can I contact?
Please send your question to info@kooduu.com or contact us as per the contact tab