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What are the dimensions of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: 9.44″ (Ø) X 16.22″ (H)
Synergy Pro 50: 12.48″ (Ø) X 22.16″ (H)
Synergy Pro 65: 16.14″ (Ø) X 28″ (H)

What is the Synergy made of?
The body of the Synergy is made of plastic, it has aluminium accessories and the handle is made of leather.

What is the weight of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: lbs 3.41
Synergy Pro 50: lbs 5.84
Synergy Pro 65: lbs 9.36

What type of battery is inside the Synergy?
Li lon (18650)

When will my order be delivered?
You should receive your products within 5 days of placing the order. Once. we receive your order, we will send you a confirmation along with a tracking #

What should I do with a defect product?
Please press the following link and fill out the return form: us.kooduu.com › return-policy

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What is the price of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: $139.-
Synergy Pro 50: $189.-
Synergy Pro 65: $249.-

What is the Kelvin value of the LED lamp in the Synergy?
2700 K

What is the charging time of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: 7 hours
Synergy Pro 50: 7 hours
Synergy Pro 65: 8 hours

What is the playtime of the Synergy?
Synergy Pro 35: Up to 8 hours
Synergy Pro 50: Up to 8 hours
Synergy Pro 65: Up to 8 hours

I have a question that is not in the FAQ list, who can I contact?
Please send your question to info@kooduu.com or contact us as per the contact tab

Synergy Pro instruction: Pair 1 speaker

Synergy Pro instruction: Pair multiple Synergy Pro speakers

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